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1 de julio de 2012

IEEE ICRA 2012 DARwIn Humanoid Application Challenge. Institute of Robotics, CSIC-UPC

Here's the presentation made with the robot DARwIn-OP on May 16th by Institute of Robotics, CSIC-UPC in the IEEE ICRA 2012 DARwIn Humanoid Application Challenge.
They present in this video the work they are currently carrying out with the DARwIn-OP robot, which includes:

  • Integration of a 2 degree of freedom gripper in each arm using AX-12A servos
  • Integration of a time of flight camera in the robot's head
  • Integration of all the standard robot features and also the new ones with the ROS middleware.

Institute of Robotics Team Members: Guillem Alenyà Ribas, Sergi Hernandez Juan, Aleix Rull Sanahuja.

Currently developing autonomous grasping operations using 3D ToF camera perceptions.

Here's their video submission for the registration:

IRI (UPC-CSIC) members have been awarded by ROBOTIS with a special award consisting of a BIOLOID Premium Kit for the quality of their research, awarded by the RO-BOTICA company, exclusive distributor in Spain of all products from the Korean company ROBOTIS, world leader in education and research with robotic product.


In the image Guillem Alenyà and Sergi Hernandez from IRI, receiving the award from Toni Ferraté, President of RO-BOTICA

28 de enero de 2012

Integración en ROS del robot DARwIn-OP por IRI (UPC-CSIC)

Uno de los proyectos que está abordando actualmente el Humanoid Lab del IRI (UPC-CSIC) es la integración en ROS (Robot Operating System) de la plataforma humanoide abierta DARwIn-OP. (Dynamic Anthropomorphic Robot with Intelligence – Open Platform)

En estos vídeos podéis ver los primeros pasos:

  • VIDEO: DarwinOP ROS integration - free motion example

  • VIDEO: DarwinOP ROS integration - walking motion

  • VIDEO: DarwinOP ROS integration - Teleop operation with Wiimote