21 de julio de 2009

Nuevo robot Kondo Kagaku KHR-3HV

Para su 5º amiversario (13 de Junio), Kondo Kagaku ha lanzado la nueva línea KHR-3HV dirigida a investigación en universidades e institutos y aficionados experimentados y competición, quedando la línea Kondo KHR-2HV orientada para el mercado educacional.

Si estás interesado en adquirirlo, haz la reserva en RO-BOTICA

Características principales de Kondo KHR-3HV (Inglés)

Serial servos
Thanks to the use of serial servos, a digital chain is now possible. You can connect up to 17 serial servo motors KRS-2555HV. By using only one cable, it prevents troubles regarding disconnection.

New frame
A design to ease and to smooth the folding of the knee has been enhanced.
Thanks to the new design, the robot can retract and stand up faster from a sitting pose.

New angles and servo arms
Thanks to the strengthened servo arms, the robot is more resistant to shocks and thus
become a real ally during robot competitions.

Dummy servos
Dummy servos have been added to the joints (hips, upper and lower arms). This new
faculty will enable the user to add easily new joints and thus to set up new capabilities
to the robot.

Body cover
The main frame cover is made out a light ABS plastic. It is easy to change to another
body frame. Thanks to the slim body, the user can handle the robot more easily.

The new design of the back pack enables an easier maintenance of the robot. The user will be able to add easily sensors and motors.

The new micro controller board RCB-4 enables to connect serial servos. It is compatible with ICS3.0 module and a wide range of options parts. The user will be able to control the speed of servos. The input and analog ports enable a wide range of capabilities.

Heart to Heart
has also been upgraded with new motions and a new type of programming.

Bath tub sole
The new design of the sole gives a more secure walk.

Servo Head
The new design of the servo head makes it possible to assemble it naturally to the shoulder. It gives the robot a more intrepid style.

A nickel battery 10.8V-800mAh has been included. It will take only one hour to charge

Características principales de los nuevos servos KRS-2552HV(Inglés)

Voltage: 10.8V
Driving range: 270 degree
Max torque: 14kgcm (at 11.1V, static condition) Max speed: 0.14sec/60 degree (at 11.1V with no-load)
Size: 41 x 21 x 30.5
Weight: 41.5g
Initial condition: Communication speed: 115.2kbps
Accesorry: Communication cable 300m x1

This is a serial servo, therefore, it doesn't run on PWM signal.

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